The range of interesting, high-quality art displayed in a spectacular space would be reason enough to visit Rebecca Low Sculpture Metal Gallery. But the dynamics of this unique exhibit space afford a many-layered experience that goes far beyond appearances.

At first glance, the gallery is a standout even in Ft. Worth, a city blessed with an active art scene and great museums. Behind that impression, however, is an ongoing and consistent idea that begins with Rebecca Low’s own art – a commanding body of work and a distinguished record of individual commissions both public and private.

Low (rhymes with “wow”) has expanded on the concept of a studio to create an all-inclusive focal point for fine art. She designed and built her gallery and sculpture garden with a facility for metal fabrications in the back of the building. There she can be found working every day, transforming her vision into reality.

Low has chosen a complimentary group of painters and sculptors for gallery representation in addition to her own work. Like her, they are serious and substantial artists. They also have a gracious, outgoing quality that is reflected in the festive atmosphere. Low has created a magnetic field that attracts beautiful people and knowledgeable collectors alike.

The location sounds as though it were halfway to Weatherford. Not so. Just drop down Altamere from the southwest corner of Ridgmar Mall, hand a right on Camp Bowie, and immediately you are there. A warm welcome awaits you.

Suzanne Deats