As an artist, she has always been drawn to art, creating, and all its wonders.

Sculpture is where she has found the true desire that burns within. Learning how to express in vivid color while incorporating all emotions. Pulling the spirit out of stone and learning the fusion of metal.

In creating she finds Mediation, Inspiration, Silence Life lessons and the Clarity of following her own path. She conveys spiritualy and hopefulness through BOLD abstract works. Once we learn to look within, heal and open up, it’s amazing what comes forth.

Chasity has cultivated the techniques of welding, chiseling stone and painting with bold colors into her works. She hopes that by looking into her art you can feel her passion and receive the message that is yearning to relate to you and your life.

Art can transport you to another world.

I feel blessed to have found my path and the ability to express myself through the creative process we call art.