Juliette Elizabeth Edgerton, “The Resourceress,” was raised in a lovely ocean-side town in New Jersey. A creative child, though not considering herself to be an artist, moved to New Orleans on her eighteenth birthday to attend Tulane University, where she graduated with a B.A. in Sociology. She was drawn there because of the culture, history, and beautiful architecture. She is self-taught and did not even make a piece of jewelry until the age of 30, when she began selling her pieces almost immediately after they were born. Once her art sold, she embraced the identity of an artist. Edgerton enjoys moving around the country and gains inspiration wherever she lives. She was most influenced by her years living in New Orleans, San Francisco, and Sedona. Currently residing in Dallas, she is grateful to have the opportunity to experience another part of the country.


Artist Statement

“Each of my designs is meticulously born with meaningful purpose. I am enthralled with searching for the most distinctive treasures to create my jewelry, and then I spend countless hours making my elaborate designs. The most exciting aspect of my work is the first part of the process, hunting for parts and seeing their potential. Many of the remnants I use are pieces the typical person would toss in their attic, the bottom of a drawer or discard in the trash without giving it a second thought to recycle them into works of art. I pour my passion into these one-of-a-kind creations and thrive on shifting their energy and giving them a new life. I am so grateful I have this ability to see the beautiful outcome long before my pieces are complete. I encourage you to share in my vision and unearth beauty in the unexpected…”

– Juliette Elizabeth Edgerton