After spending 30 years in the petrochemical industry, I retired to the Texas Hill Country and shortly thereafter went in search of a hobby. My hobby soon turned into a passion that often has people asking, “How did you get started building kinetic art?” My reply is the movie Twister, which shows amazing kinetic art. Drawing on my passion for all things mechanical, I started creating what I refer to as Wind Spirals in 2004. With no formal art training, I have drawn upon my background of building and racing cars and my love of art to create my sculptures.

Each spiral is individually handcrafted in my studio. They are made of copper, stainless steel, and brass. Using a combination of tools, I first hand-cut the blades, then shape them with a shot bag, and finish the shaping process using an English wheel. A lathe, vertical mill, oxygen-acetylene torch, and welders are used to assemble the various components that become a wind sculpture. All machine work is done in-house to ensure quality.