Twenty-five years ago, I started creating sculptures using found objects that I would come across on walks. I would pick up pieces to recycle, but began to see objects, animals, people and patterns. The pieces would always tell me what they wanted to be. In my larger body of work, objects still speak to me about their final form. Some works stay in their natural finish and others are painted using high-end automotive paints. It is rare that I alter found objects except for assemblage and painting. Later, I began having ideas for sculptural compositions that incorporate a variety of materials – metals, stone, plastic, wood, paint, glass, lighting, paper, found objects and fire and water. When I see empty space, I visualize it filled. I let the visions and materials control themselves, my work and me. The diversity of materials that I use allow me to have, virtually, no limits to what I am able to create.

Each work I create is unique and most pieces are asymmetrical. I create illusions. Something becomes detached and appears to be falling, or impaling a surface, or I make lighting look like fire or found objects maybe turned into a figure and painted. It is such a gift to be able to see a vision and then bring it to fruition.