Jeff “Skele” Sheely moved from Virginia Beach to Dallas Texas in 2013 and then to Austin in 2017. He’s a hopeless romantic and left everything he knew in VA for love and the pursuit of art happiness. Skele has been painting and selling his work for 12 years. He’s completed thousands of pieces and works hard to exhibit and sell his art. Art saved Skele’s life, and it continues to point him in a direction that he never could have imagined. With it, Skele has been able to express his true self, through color and imagination. Without it, he says that he simply would be a shell of a human. I will continue to create and push the boundaries of my own self exploration.

Using layers of bright acrylics and spray paint, Skele creates bold abstract figures and faces, held together with detailed patterns, fine lines, and text, conveying raw human emotion or ideals. With each layer of color, each layer of feeling, the piece comes together and forms an idea of what we could or could never be.