Metal Sculptor

National award-winning artist Terry Jones was born in Pasadena, Texas, and moved to Jewett, Texas, in 1979. He went to work for Nucor Steel, then Houston Light & Power Plant. Seventeen years ago, he and his wife Carla opened an antique shop which is now his gallery.

Having all these neat items just lying around his antique shop got Jones thinking about something to do with them out of boredom. He started making metal trucks and tractors; from there, Terry started making fish and animals. His art ranges from abstract and whimsical to monumental.

Jones works mainly with found objects from our past, turning treasures from our past into treasures for the future. He works with two police departments and one sheriff’s office, destroying confiscated weapons for them, turning something bad into something good — ART!

Shyness is not a word that is in Jones’ vocabulary. He has been featured in magazines, newspapers, radio stations, and on television. He and his artwork have been presented on television shows such as Texas Country Reporter, Channel 7 Proud of East Texas, Channel 13 News out of Houston, and Channel 7 out of Austin. Not only has he made television appearances, but he has also been featured on KAMU Radio out of College Station. Magazines such as Texas Longhorn Trails, Texas Lawman, and The Horizon have all featured his sculptures. Also, numerous newspapers around the country have highlighted articles pertaining to his metal sculptures. Jones has won many awards from around the country as well. His art is loved by many.

Jones’ sculptures can be seen in private collections, city parks, restaurants, art galleries, and a museum all around the country.