This Testimonials page has been added to help show all of our visitors the high regard that Rebecca Low Sculptural Metal Gallery & Studio has achieved. Please browse our website and I think you will agree – something spectacular is always in the works here!

Doug Blagg

….some artists are a force of nature, corralling the energy, manifesting material and will, to seemingly move the earth, Ms Low is such an artist, and in large scale sculptures no less, taming massive steel, wielding a welders torch, the artist produces works that are beautifully crafted, gorgeously painted and architecturally significant. They move and respond, spring to touch, and rotate, and some talk to you.! Impressive on every level, she doesn't stop there, mentoring younger artists, show casing others, the studio is really a small museum, clean, well lit, a genuine delight, an education in the possibilities of art, the sculptures garden is nothing short of fabulous…

Paula Hill

Experience a Really Cool Art Gallery!

Rebecca Low Studio

Update: (Sept. 08) Fall gallery night led us to another wonderful viewing at Rebecca Low’s studio. She is such an imaginative individual! We were welcomed by live music, which was very good. Also, simple tidbits sat on trays for nibbling. I never tire of viewing Rebecca’s art.

Fort Worth offers some very nice art galleries–the Rebecca Low Sculptural Metal Gallery and Studio is a very cool one!

Beginning with her signature piece, Carlotta… Carlotta is a metal sculpture made from the components of an automobile (hence the name). Carlotta stands with one flirty hip out and a purse slung over her shoulder.

This artist creates most of her pieces using “found objects”. The outside rear of her studio is neatly lined with automobile parts, rusted metal and other junk from which she makes her masterpieces.

Low’s impression of Easter Island’s Moai are displayed in her studio’s back yard and her unique courtyard boasts fountains, a light and water sculpture and other fantastic creations. One has to stop by to appreciate Rebecca Low’s imagination!