Realistic Metal Sculptor

Born in Mexico, Crescencio Parra was five when he started watching and learning from his father’s blacksmith techniques. At the age of 10, he started working for his father. At just 15, Parra learned to weld, and then he learned the ART of blacksmithing in Guanajuato, Mexico.

At 35, Fort Worth became his home, where he created several incredible sculptures, large and small—eagles, longhorns, horses, mammoths, owls, roosters, bison, and many others.

Parra’s attention to detail is very inspiring. Every piece is hand-cut and welded using only a few tools — some would call it the “old-fashioned way.” There are no machines other than a good welder. He cuts and hand forms each piece or forges pieces like the talons. This is his passion, and this is what makes him happy. His creative use of steel materials is a must-see.